Several items come to mind when it comes to what not to give as a baby shower gifts. Here is a list of the top things you should avoid giving as a present for someone’s new little one:

Gift cards – While this may seem like a practical and convenient gift, it often feels impersonal and lacks thought. A gift card to a store that isn’t baby-related doesn’t have any significance either, especially if it’s for an amount that would be used up quickly on something else or even lost in moving into a larger home/apartment with newborn things!

Tacky clothing – This is guaranteed to make both you and the person opening it look not good. Clothes that are too small, garish, and wildly inappropriate for a baby will be quickly returned or donated to an organization like Goodwill. Even if they appreciate your thoughtfulness in thinking of them, you’re better off letting someone else pick out their clothes than giving something tacky by default.

Plastic toys – While they may be perfect for a baby shower, these types of gifts are usually thrown away within the first month. This is because they’re bulky and lack any sentimental value due to their disposability.

In conclusion, you can give many other things instead of the items on this list. If in doubt, ask the parents-to-be what they need or want most. They will be grateful for anything you choose to gift them.