Noob is the world-famous replica watch factory. This factory is based in China. They produce a replica of luxury watches. They produce high-quality replica watches. The look of the replica watches is somehow the same as the original watches.People can buy Rolex noob replica watches 

Many luxurious watches have been sold as replicas by the noob factories.All noob clone watches are always checked for quality before the delivery. The quality checks include the weight of steel used in the watch, appearance, features, and functions of the watch. They made high-quality replica watches which are very close to the original ones. Noob factory is the master of Rolex categories and has produced many replicas of it.

Tips to identify replica watches

Nowadays, replica watches sale has surged in the market. Some buy them knowingly, while others get cheated by the manufacturer and shopkeeper. Some people want to buy the replica, so they can fool the people around and pay less price for it. Below is the list of tips that can save people from buying replica watches:

  • Material: Some clone watches are made from low-quality material. One can guess the piece of replica by its packaging material. A person should check the genuine use of gold, titanium, leather, diamonds, platinum.
  • Weight:The manufacturers of replica watches use cheaper materials, that’s why the weight of the clone watches are much lighter than the original ones. Replica watches are generally not sharp and original watches edges are sharp enough.
  • Sound and movement: The replica watches make a ticking sound, while the original watches do not make any sound. They move flawlessly around the dial.
  • Typefaces:Few manufacturers can copy the fonts, spacing, image of the original watches. Original dial printing is not possible to replicate. A person has to be familiar with the fonts, otherwise, they cannot replicate them.
  • Engraving:Luxury watches have wonderful engraving on them. The serial number and model are engraved on the watch, if the replica has the serial number it must have a fuzzy appearance. A person can check the serial number of the watch online and if there is a list of the same serial number then it is a replica.

The noobfactory are made of high-quality material. It is a bit impossible to know whether their watches are replicas or not. They have made the exact watches, but somehow they use finer material in making the watches but give them the same look.They check the quality of the watch before the delivery. People buy replica watches because they gave the exact look and charge less price.