If you are planning a high season winter escape to Thailand, you probably heard the news that weed is now legal in the Land of Smiles and while there is some truth to that, there is a fine line between what you can and cannot do. One thing is for sure, there is a degree of confusion regarding the weed laws in Thailand and we recommend taking a conservative approach when it comes to the consumption of cannabis.

Medical Marijuana

In 2018, the Thai government permitted the medical use of marijuana, which means you can acquire marijuana from a registered clinic. You could, for example, tell the doctor that marijuana helps you sleep and the health professional can prescribe a small amount of the substance.

Weed Shops

If you see a lot of people going in and out of the weed shop in Pattaya, this should bring you some comfort; in this cloudy area of the law; while the vendor might be arrested for selling bud without a licence, the customers are pretty safe. We don’t recommend smoking on the premises, although the vendor might be licensed for on-site consumption.

Generally Relaxed Atmosphere

Wherever you happen to be in Thailand, the general feeling about weed is rather relaxed, if you smoke in a private location, you should have no issues. The Thai government are trying very hard to attract foreign tourists after a few years of zero tourism and are not likely to arrest tourists for marijuana possession, unless you happen to have a few tons!

Online Solutions

Top quality bud can be acquired from the online supplier, or you could visit a weed shop if you live in the right location. There is talk of recreational use coming in the next few years, although we will have to wait and see exactly how that pans out.

Is this a reason to celebrate?

Well, if you’re a weed smoker, then yes it most certainly is! The number of foreign tourists is rapidly rising as we move into 2023 and who knows how many people made Thailand their destination because of the new weed laws. Most places where tourists go have weed shops opening, which is good news if you are looking to acquire some top-quality bud. Don’t buy in bulk, as there are many outlets; prices start at around 250bt per gram and there are many strains of bud for you to try.