Before deciding which quilt you will settle for at `quilt Singapore, temperature is an important fact that you need to consider. Temperature is believed to be one of the largest sleep disruptor and thus, to get a quilt that cools or warms appropriately could be the key. You have to think about the climate where you are living and the job that you require your quilt to do.

Your body temperature will tend to vary through night and various people can have different thermostats biologically, running literally colder or hotter than someone else. People are going to have fluctuations in temperature based on stage of life, gender and medical issues.

The natural fibers tend to be a good choice if you are concerned with temperature as they tend to be adaptive and more breathable. You will require to pair your quilt with the other beddings and sheets which also are able to reduce sweat and temperature.

If you happen to be dealing with variation in temperature in your environment, you could need to consider having two quilts with one tailored for heat nights and the other when the cold dials up. If not, then you have to get a quilt which can accommodate variation in temperature and adapt well to the surrounding and body.