Fridge is a cooling appliance, and there is every chance that it might not function properly after sometime. Some fridge models do not work properly just after few years of purchase, but even then, many of them may not feel like replacing it. Eventually, you make grave mistakes and feel at loss as it can’t be exchanged for new. Finally, it lands up in junk yard.

Here are a few signs that you can’t ignore:

  • Consumption of more energy than normal. Your cost of energy bill seems to be always on the rise. It happens because of the faulty gasket or condenser isn’t functioning properly.  Moreover, you realize the cooling mode needs to be kept at maximum even in normal temperature climate situation.
  • Your fridge starts smelling as food doesn’t remain fresh. Your veggies and fruits will become stale in a few days that seem strange as earlier they looked perfect just like freshly bought from the shop.
  • There is frost build up constantly even if the mode is set on normal temperature. That is the telltale sign that your fridge is aging. Sometimes constant frosting happens due to opening of the door seal and thus better to call a mechanic to verify the issue.
  • The motor sound is too loud and stops with a jerk. It is a fact that fridge motor when functioning creates a sound that can’t be ignored. However, over the years the motor gets old and the sound is heard more loudly. It is time to plan for replacing the old fridge.

  • The back of the fridge feels quite hot, and then something is massively wrong with its motor. Usually, the back portion of fridge is warm than the front part as the motor is installed in back part of the fridge. The condenser may not be well maintained, and thus does not smoothly work leading to overheating issues. You can call a well certified mechanic to solve the condenser problem. However, the problem needs to be immediately attained otherwise there are chances of exchanging the old fridge for a new.
  • While your freeze is decade old or more. Any electric appliance can function smoothly for a certain time period. While even a well-maintained fridge will start to wear out after ten years, it is better to plan to buy a good model multi functional fridge.

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