In the world of swimwear, nothing beats a classic one piece. Over the years, the one piece has transformed from a simple swimsuit to a fashionable alternative to the bikini. Finding a comfortable and flattering swimwear can be challenging, and we understand that. It’s tough for everyone, no matter their build, but some people have a far harder time of it than others. It’s not that we dislike bikinis, but we think one-piece swimsuits are more sexually alluring. This is your one-piece, all facts swimwear guide for all shapes and sizes.


If you have a sizable backside, high-cut swimsuits may not be comfortable and may be too revealing for you to wear. You need a suit that has a lot of extra fabric in that area so that you don’t have to mess with it to get more coverage and end up giving yourself a wedgie. Hence, in addition to avoiding swimsuits with revealing necklines and low backs, you should go for styles that include simple colors and no additional frills or embellishments on the back. Moreover, you should look for swimsuits that do not have revealing necklines and low backs.


The use of frills and ruching is recommended since these details provide the appearance of a larger rear end. When you’ve recently had your behind flattened, wear clothes with bright colors and prints to distract attention away from it. Additionally, leaving some skin exposed on the cheeks is recommended to having full coverage at the bottom.

Skinny Legs, Full Hips

The secret to pulling off the big hips, thin legs body type is achieving a healthy balance between your shoulders and hips. You should choose a suit that makes your clavicle look longer because you already have lots of hip. These one-pieces dresses are perfect for the occasion.

Broad Shoulders

When you have broad shoulders, there are a few things you may do to make your physique look more symmetrical. Choose a suit in a solid hue and add some interest with printed panels down the sides. This will make your upper body look less square and help you achieve an hourglass shape. An asymmetrical neckline is another option for diverting attention away from the center of your body.

Tiny Chests

It’s not always easy to find a suit that works for your bust. Suits with frills or ruffles around the breast are ideal for a woman with a smaller bust because they create the illusion of a fuller bust. Another option is to wear a padded suit, which can make you look and feel more confident.

Fuller Chests

Sizes S, M, and L aren’t going to cut it for curvy women when it comes to bathing suit tops. You may feel confident in the water thanks to the support provided by the cups and the underwire. The most flattering results can be achieved by purchasing a bathing suit with larger straps and bands that have been double stitched.

No matter what size you are, you can feel amazing and show off your physique if you work hard enough. There are definitely a lot of  the cutest and most on-trend one-piece designs around in the market right now. You just need to know your preferences and where to look for them. You go, girl!