If you are an avid biker, who loves to get around the beautiful landscapes of Phoenix, you must also have the address and phone number of a reliable bicycle shop handy at all times. Thankfully, finding options in the city doesn’t have to be tough. You can check for popular bicycle shops in Phoenix like Curbside Cyclery, and here’s what you can expect from a genuine local service.

  • Help with selecting road bikes. Even the best bikes must be replaced at some point, and it makes sense to find a bicycle shop that can handle both repairs and offer enough options for replacement. Buying a new road bike from a shop should be a smooth experience, and the store should have a wide range of choices, keeping needs of beginners and seasoned users in mind. Check the brands that the shop sells, although there is no replacement for Cannondale bikes in the road bike category.
  • Check for custom build. Many experienced bikers prefer to have a custom build, and if that’s your thing, check for a shop that specializes in the same, and the bike fitting should be a part of the price you pay. In case you are looking for mountain bikes, make sure that you ask for a demo and test the product before buying it. Some of the best brands for mountain bikes include Cannondale, Yeti & Niner.

  • Repair services. Riding around Phoenix is fun, as long as your bike is performing optimally. Repairs are an eventuality for any bike, and you need to find a shop that handle all kinds of repair needs. They should offer an estimate in advance, and for replacement parts, warranties as applicable should be provided.

Finally, when it comes to comparing bicycle shops in Phoenix, make sure that you check for all the relevant details like location of the store, if they can handle emergency repairs, and their business hours. Also, you need to check for independent reviews, which are handy for comparing shops based on services. Your bike is your prized investment, and if you own a mountain bike, you know that this is an expensive product that must be serviced and checked by a professional from time to time.

Choose a bicycle shop that can handle your bike and is accessible from your home. Reviews and client references can be further useful for comparing the choices.