When shopping for diamond jewellery in Bangkok, it is an excellent destination to pick up some fantastic bargains. Thailand is a global trading hub for coloured gemstones and finished jewellery, and it boasts many skilled artisans creating beautiful and elegant jewellery. However, there are some factors you will need to consider when shopping for a diamond bracelet to ensure you get a good deal. You can find some of the factors you will need to consider below to help you understand what you are buying and ensure it is high quality.

The Four Cs Of Diamonds

Before you start shopping for any jewellery with diamonds, you will need to understand the 4 Cs and how they affect the value of these beautiful gemstones. There is plenty of detailed information on the 4 Cs available freely online, and they describe the characteristics of the diamonds. The 4 Cs are as follows:

Clarity: The higher the clarity of a diamond, the more it is worth, and you want the gems to have no inclusions or defects in their internal structure. However, for a diamond to have no flaws is extremely rare, and gems like this would also be costly to buy.

Cut: The cut of the diamond will depend on the internal structure and what imperfections the stone has. There are many types of diamond cuts, including:

  • Round Cut
  • Princess Cut
  • Marquis Cut
  • Pear Cut
  • Heart Cut
  • Cushion Cut
  • Emerald Cut

Colour: The colour of the diamond also plays a role in how valuable it is, and the less colour, the more costly the gem will be. However, you do get coloured diamonds, which are available in pink, brown, black, red, and green, to name a few.

Carat: The final category of the 4 Cs is the carat, which refers to the size and weight of the gem. The higher the carat, the more expensive it will be, and it will often look more significant. However, you can get some cuts of gems that can make them look like a higher carat than they are, which is an optical illusion.

Off-The-Shelf Or Bespoke?

You will also need to consider whether you will go for an off-the-shelf diamond bracelet design or something bespoke. Contrary to what many people think, custom-made jewellery is a similar price to off-the-shelf designs. Still, you have the benefit of having something unique when you choose bespoke jewellery. Whatever you decide to choose, shop around and compare jewellery shops, and you can find some excellent bargains when shopping in Bangkok for beautiful diamond jewellery.