If you’ve ever tried to shop for wall art, you know how painful it can be. Most people spend hours every day going from store to store looking for the right piece of art to hang on the wall. Buying art from a store often takes so long because you want to find the right image, but you must also find the right color frame for your walls. Artwork is one of the most popular ways to decorate a home, but most people think it has to be expensive to look good.

Find free art at home.

Looking around your home, you will find Short Story art that you can easily create as a beautiful addition to a room. Look for things like hanging calendars with photos, postcards, greeting cards, and a decorative flag. If you want to add something special to some of these pieces to make them look more professional, frame them with a matte board.

Look for works of art in nature.

You can frame many different things in nature in a shadow box or a matte frame. Pressed flowers and leaves can make a collage for a frame. Shells and other elements of nature, such as seeds, cones, twigs, and flowers, can be used as art. It may take a bit of creativity to create a collage of these items, but it’s worth it as you know it will fit your style perfectly.

Take your photos for your work.

Whether you have your camera or can borrow one from a friend, the creative possibilities are endless. You can photograph almost anything, from flowers and trees to houses and the sky. You can use a photo editing website to process images in black and white for a creative touch. Get your developed photos the right size, whether enlarging them or printing full size.

A creative way to display them is to buy suitable frames in different sizes and place the photos on a blank wall. If you need to be more creative, you can always enlist the help of a friend to take photos, or you can go the traditional route and take photos of your family to hang on the walls.

The best way to find any piece of art for your home without going broke is to get creative. It means that everyday items can be easily turned into works of art.


If you have picture books, check to see if there is a picture you can frame and hang to match the style of your room. Use fabric swatches, buttons, magazines, and other small items to make a collage for a frame or shadow box. There are so many opportunities for inexpensive art if you take the time to look around and outside of your home and use what you have.