A flower is considered as the element which signifies a beautiful journey of one’s life. As just like a baby is born, the flower germinates, and a bud occurs, then as the child grows, in the same manner, the flower blossom and just like in old age the man starts converting into an older man same with the flower it starts shedding its petals. The whole journey of human life can be beautifully compared with that of the flower.

What does one mean with condolence flower?

Condolence refers to grieving someone’s death. Remembering their essence and their being. Condolence flower here refers to giving someone the fragrance of flower and the peaceful antiquity that if one is leaving us, they must live with the scent of beauty.

Why is condolence flower given?

Condolence flowers act as a symbol of sympathy, love, and respect for the deceased. It has always been a ritual of saying someone goodbye by the flower’s fragrance and applause for living such a great life for this long. It is scientifically approved that a body smells when life gets over, so with a flower, that smell is suppressed.

When one is present or giving condolence flower, it must be a positive act of care and concern and an act of empathy.