Chevrolet is among the most reliable automakers in the world, and they boast of having a rather diverse lineup, with affordable options for every budget. If you are planning to change your new car and want to get a model from Chevrolet, you would be rather surprised with the range of options. Should you buy a new of old Chevy? What to expect from both? In this post, we are sharing the basics.

Find a good Chevy dealership

If you can find a reliable and known Redwood City Chevrolet dealership, half of your work is done. The top dealerships have all the inventory that you need, and you can rely on them for buying old vehicles, as well. They can even get you a used model that is no longer in production anymore.  Chevrolet has all sorts of options, and their sport cars, SUVs, and sedans compete with some of the best models in respective segments. A good dealer is like an asset, who not only sells a car, but helps you choose one that works for your lifestyle.

Used vs. new

When it comes to new vs. old Chevrolet cars, it all comes to down to your budget. If you can afford, go ahead and get a regular new model that you always wanted. For a smaller budget, you should consider a used Chevy. Chevrolet models fetch a good price, even when the car is considerably old. The biggest differences come in form of insurance and depreciation. You obviously have to pay a higher insurance for a new Chevrolet, while the depreciation rate is also high. This means, when it comes to resale value, you are likely to get a price closer to what you had paid when old cars. This is true for almost every brand, so Chevrolet is not very different in that context. However, Chevrolet is a brand in demand, and therefore, finding a buyer for your current model, or selling your new purchase a few years later doesn’t have to be hard.

Chevrolet is driven by innovation, and they do all it takes to make cars affordable, safe, and tech-based. You can check their recent launches to find more on new cars, while your dealer can guide you further on how to select older models that are available in their stock. Think of Chevy as a lifestyle investment, and the price is worth paying for.