People get navel piercings for a multitude of reasons and body piercings have become more and more popular over the years. Piercings have been part of many cultures for hundreds of years, they represented many things – entering manhood, reaching a specific milestone etc. Although things have changed, body piercing is still done by a large number of people.

Here are 4 of the main reasons people choose belly button piercings.

  1. Individualism

Many people choose to get a belly ring from Pierce Off or a nose ring just because they want to be individual. You can choose a unique piece of jewellery and put in on your body. People like to be different and individualise themselves from the rest of society, getting a body piercing is one way to do that. It shows that you are a little bit different and don’t always follow social norms.

  1. Rebellious

There is a little rebel in all of us, we just need to let it out now and again. Many people go for belly button rings to be a wild and different. They often get a rise out of others as it is something a lot of people would never consider doing. Piercings can be seen as rebellious and an individual who wears them looks like they are not conforming to society’s norms. They want to be themselves and don’t care about what society thinks of them.

  1. Attract Attention

Another good reason to opt for a navel ring is to attract attention. If you purchase a decorative piece of jewellery like a navel ring, you can show it off in style. Although we won’t admit it, most of us like to be noticed and a belly ring certainly attracts interest.

  1. Enhance Certain Features

Many people wear body piercing jewellery to attract attention to certain parts of their body. For example, let’s say you’ve been working hard in the gym on your abs for the last 6 months and you want more people to notice. Wearing a belly button ring will draw attention to their area and let others see the fruits of your labour.

As you can see, there are many reasons to get a navel piercing. It opens up a new world of fashion accessories as you are able to buy and wear all sorts of nice jewellery. People decide to get a belly button piercing to commemorate a loved one, to seek attention, to be rebellious or to be more unique.