If you are a cannabis enthusiast, or someone who is just experimenting with weed, you should definitely give a shot to hand pipes. While the bongs have a charm that’s hard to ignore, glass pipes are just ideal for beginners. In this post, let’s discuss more on glass hand pipes!

The benefits at a glance

For many cannabis users, glass pipes are the best and most effective way of enjoying weed. The material doesn’t add any flavor to your cannabis, so you get the most authentic experience of the strain. With glass pipes, cleaning is also easy, and you don’t have to bother about cleaning between sessions. The material withstands heat well, and the flavor will always be incredibly smooth. When you roll cannabis in a paper, you are still inhaling some of the paper, which is not the case with glass hand pipes. With wood and clay pipes, which are also popular and in use, there is some flavor added to the weed, which doesn’t happen with glass hand pipes.

Finally, for beginners, who have no experience of having weed, smoking from a glass pipe is always easy. You don’t need too many of other things or even the experience of using rolling paper. Get the weed you like, buy a nice pipe, and use your regular lighter to have the best experience.

Buying glass hand pipes

While some glass hand pipes are extremely aesthetic and designed with care, others are rather simple. The kind of pipe you want depends largely on your experience. If you want others to know of your choices in glass hand pipes, go for fancy designs, or else, stick to the basic ones. The size of your pipe determines how much smoke you get in one go, and in case you have no previous experience, go for a smaller one. Long pipes are great for experienced users. As for the quality, it depends, but glass pipes can break, which is something to consider. The best ones are designed with thick glass, so if you drop once, there is probably not much to fear.

Check online now to find more on glass hand pipes, and make sure to buy from a store that has a wide range of options. Don’t shy away from checking for new designs and styles, because there is no limit to ways you can smoke from a glass pipe. Eventually, it is the experience that matters, so go ahead and experiment.